Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Vote for Abby is a Vote for Awesomeness

I know that I have not posted in ages.  As in past years, summer tends to consume me and I am outside busting ass on the Ponderosa instead of sitting in front of my laptop writing.  However, it is time to take a break from ass-busting to let you know of a little something The Pup is involved with.  My Lovely Wife has entered Abby into a contest to appear in a calendar, and Abby is one of six finalists to appear on the cover!
Here are a few words My Lovely Wife wrote to go with our entry.
This is our dog, Abby. She is a 11.5 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/German Shepherd cross. Her favorite thing is to retrieve sticks thrown into the river and you can see how happy this makes her! Abby is currently recovering from her second surgery in two weeks to remove a Mast Cell Carcinoma. We are hoping all the nasty cells have been removed and once her staples are removed next week, she can once again enjoy her summer with swims in the river. We love her dearly and cherish everyday with her. Thank you for voting for our sweet girl.
I took this picture a couple of years ago and think it does a great job of capturing Abby's spirit and energy.  If you think so too, head on over to Facebook and like her picture.  Your vote could help put Abby over the top!

The calendar is a fundraiser for The Konan Koalition.  As it says on their website
The Konan Koalition has two goals:
  • Mitigate unnecessary pain and suffering in animals that cannot access veterinary treatment because of financial constraints facing their owners
  • Assist pet owners in making animal care decisions based upon the needs of the animal rather than financial limitations. Helping pet owners in this way will go a long way to reduce unnecessary euthanasia
A fine cause indeed.

Voting closes July 31st.  So don't delay,  vote for Abby today!