Friday, January 7, 2011

An alternative Davis VP2 Console???

It's so crazy, it just might work.
Love The Color
I was mindless surfing the Makezine blog when I came across a list of their top ten hacks for 2010.  Somewhere in the middle was a $16 spectrum analyzer.  Cool.  I start reading it over and notice that this baby is based on a Texas Instruments CC1110f32 chip.  Upon first read, this appeared to bear some similarities to the CC1021 in the VP2 console.  The CC1110 is actually a CC1101 with an embedded 8051 microcontroller on chip.  The next question then becomes, is the CC1101 compatible with the CC1021.  Well yes, yes it is.  So in theory, you could use this cheap pink instant messaging terminal as a Davis Wireless Weather Station receiver, with an included USB receiver to facilitate connection to a PC.

How awesome would this be???


  1. Howdy DeKay,

    It should work fine, and the procedure will look something like the following:

    First use a Total Phase Beagle sniffer to get the CC1021's configuration, then translate that to CC1101 register settings with Smart RF Studio. Once you've got that, you can put the register settings into and in order to verify that sniffing works, then code up some standalone firmware for the IMME in C.

    Your Bus Pirate probably isn't fast enough to sniff the SPI bus, but it's worth trying anyways. If you can't get a fast SPI sniffer, another method is to let the device boot, then hijack the SPI bus by pulling !RST on the master MCU, then using a SPI bus adapter to read out the radio's configuration.

    Be sure to shoot me a link (and some GoodFET patches!) when you've got it working.

    Happy hacking,

  2. Howdy Travis. Very neighborly of you to stop by.

    Thanks for the tips. I wouldn't want to have to drop a pile of cash on a sniffer. My fingers are crossed that Davis aren't clocking the SPI bus that fast, as the processor is running below 2 MHz. I like your idea of hijacking the SPI bus though.

  3. I have a Davis weather station, and a VP2 console. The console is in my kitchen and my computer is not. I want to build this, but I am a moron. I don't really understand much about RF, so could you try and dumb down the instructions that would be great.

  4. So you aren't going to go to the effort of trying to figure out what I wrote here and in related posts, yet you'd like me to go to the effort of re-writing a whole bunch of it? Sorry, but that is not going to happen. It can't be dumbed down much further than this. Check out belfyboy on and he'll sell you something all ready to go.