Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogger, You Suck Hard

I am angry.
This evening I went to sit down and finish yet another epic blog post that I've been working on for days.  Just a quick proof read plus a few cleanups here and there.  I open the post in Blogger's editor.  It goes on for pages.  It looks great, and it should, because I have put all kinds of effort in to this.  I type a couple characters and hit Control-Z.  Suddenly every word and image in my post disappears.  I see the Autosave button flash.

And I am right fucked.

Because it is gone.  All gone.  Undo does nothing.  Hitting the Back button does nothing.  Closing the post and reopening does nothing.  Frantics searches bring up nothing that can bring it back.  Why don't I just revert to an earlier draft?  Because there is no revert to a previous draft.

What the fuck Blogger?  Is a working undo something that is really that hard?  Really???  Why can't I revert to an earlier draft?  Why didn't the Undo work?  I am not the only one complaining.  There are many more who have suffered this problem.  And tell me, why do you sit there with your thumb up your ass and not respond to your users?  It goes on an on and on.  You could always do a Google Search to see how pissed off people are. Are you too blind to realize that the best workaround being suggested is to use Windows Live Writer as an editor?  Even with that I am still up shit creek because I use Linux.

So fix this.  Fix it now.  And then how about a basic table editor, for chrissake.

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  1. Yeah they have some issues! I lost part of a post but a longer edit session only left me with some unexplicable <><><> characters! (which I still have and can't seem to delete)