Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Davis Weather Station FCC Information

A few posts ago, I gave a link to the FCC test results for the Vantage Vue and mentioned how they contained some interesting information on spectrum displays, occupied bandwidth, and the like.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to track this information down for the other Davis products.  That was a temporary situation, fortunately.  I got a PM via that answered all.  I won't reveal the tipster in case he prefers to remain nameless.
All the Davis FCC reports can be found using their FCC ID of IR2 (that's a letter I not a one) and hitting the search button on this page

There are a lot but I believe the VP2 ISS is IR2DWW6328, final action date 9/30/2004.
Nice find!  Just be sure that once you've done the search, you click on "Detail" rather than summary.  Otherwise you get a list of documents but no hyperlinks to them.  Interested to see how long the ISS transmits on each frequency?  This long:
You Better Be Quick About It
In other news, it turns out that today is pretty cold and a good day to be inside.  A perfect time to bust out the logic analyzer and start sniffing how the Davis console configures the wireless chip.  If only.
If You Only Knew How Sick I Was Of Seeing This Message
So what to do?  Bake some bread, get in a couple workouts, and do some work that I brought home.   The deep dive is going to have to wait another week.

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