Saturday, July 10, 2010


Now I like to think that I pull off something interesting every now and then: a little hack here, a cool little design there.  But I am getting a visit tomorrow from an uncle of mine that pretty much pwns me.  Let's put it this way: the guy built his own garden tractor.  From scratch.  And the rototiller attachment to boot.  I am not worthy.

So I hope he's going to like the Sous Vide pulled pork I'm working right now.  After my pork butt sat 12 hours in a brine made of 1 liter of water, 70g of salt, and 30g of sugar, I tossed it into a 68C (155F) water bath (see my Food Lab page).  The roast has got a pepper / sugar rub on it that is on pretty heavy.  I'm expecting it to melt in our mouths after a 24 cook.  We shall see.

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