Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day, Eh?

It is Canada Day.  Which is nice if you are a Canadian.  Like me.  I will be taking Friday off as a vacation day, so that gives me a sweet four day weekend away from work.  Best of all, I really don't have anything from work I need to get done over this long weekend.  That will let me get a bunch of stuff done around the house and yard.

And there are many things to do.  More trees to propagate, lawn to cut, landscapes to plan, etc.  I also want to try getting in a few fasted training sessions.  My last couple of cracks at this have worked out pretty well, but given that I work a regular day job, is only really practical to do on a day off.  My workouts in general have gone very well lately.  Military press, deadlifts, and squats have all been good this week.  I consider bench press to be lagging somewhat, so I've been reading a bit to see if I can improve my technique here a little and get my poundage up.  One of these days I will put together a Body Lab page that talks a lot more about this stuff.

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