Friday, June 25, 2010

Home time.

As I write this, I'm somewhere around 30,000 feet and heading home.  It is about 9:00 pm local time and we're heading west.  The setting sun lights up the clouds I look down upon in oranges and reds.  The green of the land below comes up at me through the haze.  It is a spectacular view.

Today has been a pretty good day.  The course I was giving wrapped up early so we went out for a long lunch at a noisy but tasty Mexican place.  They paid.  I got out of there and hit the airport with tons of time to spare.  As I was waiting in a long line in security, a new scanner opened up right in front of me and I was in and through in no time.  After that I was hungry so I stopped off in Terminal A for a Five Guys burger: I was pleased to learn that they have a well deserved reputation for making a mean set of patties.  Flew in to my first stop with a business lounge pass in hand, so I could hang out until the next flight in comfort.  On the flight home, I scan through the list of movies on the screen in front of me and Fight Club is on.  I had forgotten just how excellent this movie is.  I really enjoyed it the first time, but it is even better the second time.  If you haven't watched it twice, do yourself the favor.

My checked bag contains a razor sharp knife, a blowtorch, three bottles of booze, and $20 dollars worth of squeaky toys for the dog.  I'll land while it is still light outside.  Tomorrow the weekend starts.  Life is good.

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